YouTubers and new digital projects

Do you own a famous YouTube channel and want to earn additional revenues?

Do you plan to launch an editorial project that goes beyond videos but you don’t know how to develop it?

Do you manage a succesful Facebook fan page and want to try your hand at managing a website of your own?

Have you designed a revolutionary application or website concept?

If you fall into one (or more) of these scenarios, then CrossCast is the right choice for you. Here's why.

  • 💥

    Free of charge

    Take advantage of all CrossCast’s advanced features and monetize your videos – and potentially your posts and images, too – with the help of our advertising partners. We believe in outstanding ideas and are ready to support you without any initial investment. In this case we’ll offer a 50-50 revenue sharing agreement.

  • Easy to use

    CrossCast has been carefully designed for users that are familiar with computers but it doesn’t require any specific or advanced skill. It’s so easy you won’t need any training.

  • Speed and reliability

    The installation of CrossCast is a very quick task and we’ll take care of it anyway. Setting up a new platform will require only a few days: you only have to wait for the login details. Nothing else. CrossCast boasts a 99% uptime guarantee and constant updates: you can publish your videos, articles or images at any time, day or night.

  • All included

    If you choose CrossCast you won’t have to worry about anything: storage, bandwidth and all additional costs are included. You will take advantage not only of CrossCast’s advanced features but also of our internet know how and knowledge in the social media world.

We’re always interested in new opportunities and innovative projects so, if you want to give yourself a challenge online, contact us to talk about a possible partnership.

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